Short Film Programs

The ’90s - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Do you remember 4 Non Blondes, dial-up internet, slap bracelets, cassette tapes and the "Rachel"? Did you scrawl the lyrics to your favorite grunge songs in your journal with a gel pen? Join us on a trip down ’90s memory lane! Read More

All About My Mother

In motherhood, nothing is as absolute as the love you feel for your child.  Whether they are near or far, easy or difficult, real or plastic, the job title comes with incredible challenges.  ShortFest is proud to present this collection of shout outs to some pretty special moms. Read More

All You Can Eat

Food, glorious food! We need it to survive but whether it’s a pleasure, an art or a taboo (or all three!) depends largely on your mindset. Here ShortFest offers you a varied tasting menu of outrageous, thoughtful, humorous and transgressive films about nourishment of many kinds. Read More

America the Weird

White picket fences, soccer moms, college cheerleaders ... delusion, depravity, decay. The darker, weirder side of the the illusion of apple-pie Americana is explored in these shorts. David Lynch fans, get in line! Read More

And Now for Something Completely Different...

In the spirit of its Monty Python-inspired name, this program offers a little bit of everything and nothing is out of bounds. Stop-motion animation, amateur taxidermy, a nude nature frolic, and a surprising amount of zaftig women, entrails and classical music. Not for the squeamish, often funny and always strange, it’s a... Read More

Animal Nature

A bear on the rampage, a highly evolved iguana, and a peeping-tom cat feature in an eclectic lineup that blurs the boundaries between man and beast, and explores our complex relationships with the animal kingdom. Read More

Around the World in 90 Minutes

Film festivals offer a firsthand insight into what is happening around our planet—without having to get on a plane. Featuring stories from Kyrgyzstan, India, Mexico, Indonesia and Canada. Read More


In love, loss and family, putting yourself out there can leave you open to that awkward moment. Laugh and squirm along with our protagonists in this program packed with misunderstandings, the best fake orgasm since When Harry Met Sally, and cats... lots of cats. Read More

Best of St Kilda

The Best of St Kilda program showcases some of the top films by emerging Aussie filmmakers and has been specially curated by St Kilda programmers. Enjoy! Read More

Boys and Men

Crises of masculinity abound in this selection of films, in which gender roles are questioned, relationships are tested and sexuality is cast into sharp relief. Read More

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