• America the Weird

  • America the Weird

White picket fences, soccer moms, college cheerleaders ... delusion, depravity, decay. The darker, weirder side of the the illusion of apple-pie Americana is explored in these shorts. David Lynch fans, get in line!

Short Films

The Dean Scream

In one of the first viral moments in American politics, Howard Dean sunk his 2004 Presidential campaign with a bizarre scream. But is that what really happened?

The First Men

A trip to the mall with mom does not go as planned for a high school teacher, after she crosses paths with some of her students.

Greener Grass

A hilarious and surreal journey into a bizarre, parallel suburban universe. Shades of Todd Solondz, John Waters, early Tim Burton and all things weird, American and awesome.


With more than a nod to DePalma’s Carrie and the body horror films of David Cronenberg, this is part gruesome genre film, part exploration of a young woman’s bodily insecurities and their manifestations.


Somewhat estranged identical twins reconnect at the largest annual gathering of twins in the world.

Wally's Will

In this dark comedy, a wealthy woman who is abusive towards her loyal servant finds friends and family clamoring for scraps from her empire as all begins to crumble around her.

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