Opening Night | The Post

OPENING NIGHT IS ON STANDBY. In Steven Spielberg’s rousing, knuckle-biting account of the publication of the Pentagon Papers, Meryl Streep stars as Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham and Tom Hanks as editor Ben Bradlee, as they take on the might of Nixon’s White House. Tickets will grant you entry to screening and... Read More

Running Time: 115

On Standby

Closing Night | The Last Movie Star

Closing Night Screening and Reception are on standby An invitation from a film festival affords an elderly movie star a trip down memory lane that stirs his long-dormant heart. An octogenarian Burt Reynolds shares scenes with his ’70s-era self and delivers a resonant performance in this poignant, often funny drama. Benefactor,... Read More

Running Time: 94

Dinner and a Movie

Make a night of it with the Festival's Dinner and a Movie pairings. Exclusive dining experiences follow screenings of three films selected from our line up that are sure to whet your appetite. Read More


Keep the celebration of film alive into the night. Join us at one of our evening parties, relax, drink, have fun...we'll be celebrating. Read More

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