Student Screening Day

Student Screening Day

Each year approximately 1,100 high school students from all over the Coachella Valley converge for Student Screening Day, a highly anticipated program that presents two films from the Festival lineup and allows students to interact with the filmmakers.

Student Screening Day is more than a fieldtrip; it is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. The screenings expose students to ideas, cultures, and people from around the globe. Representing a diverse range of perspectives and story-telling styles, the films in this series have brought all corners of the world to the Coachella Valley youths.

Student Screening Day is so successful that we launched a similar day of programming during ShortFest. Because the filmmakers that attend Student Screening Day at ShortFest are often just a few years on from the students themselves, they are able to bring their experience to bear in a very direct way as students contemplate next steps in their educational and career pursuits. 

If you are a teacher or educator interested in participating, please email us here.