Local Juries

Three Exciting Programs!

Youth Jury - A Platform for Discovery

The Youth Jury Program brings together a diverse group of students from the greater Palm Springs area, uniting them in a shared passion for storytelling and cinema. As part of this exclusive group, participants have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an array of cinematic experiences, from thought-provoking documentaries to captivating narratives. Each jury selects a winner who will be announced at the end of the festival!

For the upcoming 2024 Palm Springs International ShortFest, we offer two distinct Youth Jury programs tailored to different age groups:

Kids' Choice: This jury includes kids in elementary and middle school who will watch a select package of films from our Shorties! Program - which are an eclectic mix of heartwarming family tales to imaginative youth-oriented & animated films. This program promises an unforgettable journey through the magic of storytelling! Apply Here

Young Cineastes: This jury is comprised of local high school students with a passion for international cinema. They get to explore a diverse selection of films capturing a viewpoint from around the world that we hope expands the world around them. Apply Here

The Desert Views Jury

The Desert Views Jury beckons non-professional film aficionados from our local community to step into the role of "juror" by watching a select group of films from the Palm Springs Int'l Film Festival & ShortFest, that in the spirit of neighborliness, promotes understanding & acceptance among people. Following the screenings, jurors will engage in a deliberation where vibrant discussions & opinions will commence, leading to a winner being selected for the Desert Views Jury Award. This jury program allows participants to contribute their unique perspectives and enrich the cinematic journey for each other & the community at large. Apply Here

To learn more about local jury opportunities, please email Jennifer Van Camp, Programming and Education Manager