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Our staff is dedicated to delivering an entertaining festival experience that captivates our guests, sparks conversation, and leaves you wanting to attend again and again. Get to know us! We are happy to be part of this delightful experience.


Felicia Alford, Accounting & HR Manager

Judith Beltran, Office Coordinator

Jose Padilla, Accounting Assistant

Alexander Paz. Operations Manager

Liliana Rodriguez, Artistic Director

Kelly Rogers Ph.D., Development & Corporate Sponsorship Manager

Christina Sasse, Film Awards Director of Operations & Producer

Jennifer Van Camp, Programming & Education Manager

Scarlett Wilmsen, Film Awards Seating & Operations Manager

Rhea Woodson, Managing Director



Rebecca Crompton, Programming Intern

Ash Hoyle, Programmer

Jesse Knight, Programmer

Stephanie Owens, Programmer

Stephanie Pineda, Programming Coordinator

Céline Roustan, Programmer

Robert Torres, Programmer

Rachel Walker, Programmer

Celeste Wong, Programmer

Guest Relations

Stella Schneider, Hospitality Coordinator

Juju Behrens, Guest Relations Assistant


Renae Farias, Venue Manager

Martin Foster, Creative Services

Isabella Ibarra, Special Events Coordinator

Debbie Ray Scanlon, Volunteer Manager

Zack Solomon, Venue Manager

Ron Sylvester, Venue Manager


Alana Maiello, Marketing Coordinator

Madeline Reardon, Social Media Intern


Ana Souza, Forum Producer

Bobbi Broome, Forum & Jury Coordinator


Austin Good, Scenario PR

Aramis Rivera, Publicity Intern

Steve Wilson, Scenario PR



Catherine Alderete, Programming Intern

David Ansen, Lead Programmer

Mimi Brody, Programmer

Therese Hayes, Programmer

Joel Hoglund, Publications Coordinator

Brian Hu, Programmer

Jesse Knight, Editor

Stephanie Pineda, Programming Assistant

Jane Schoettle, Programmer & Filmmaker Retreat Producer

Alissa Simon, Lead Programmer

Hebe Tabachnik, Senior Programmer

Guest Relations

Matthew Berg, Guest Relations Manager

Vera Bianchini, Guest Relations Coordinator

Jorge Molina, Guest Relations Coordinator

Simon Ryder, Ground Transportation Manager

Stella Schneider, Guest Relations Hotel Coordinator


Luke Bates, Co-Box Office Manager

Jody Cole, Theater Operations Manager

Tara Dupuis, Special Events Manager

Jim Gazan, Assistant Volunteer Manager

Randi Johns, Credentials Manager

Alicia Lombardo, Special Events Intern

Clayton Martin, Print Traffice Manager

Susan Nathan, Concierge Assistant

Jose Padilla, Co-Box Office Manager

Litzy Pineda, Development Intern

Deborah Ray Scanlon, Volunteer Manager

Michelle Reyes, Credentials Assistant

Aaron Ridenour, Technical Director

Lorna Schanzenbach Lounge Host

Lorenzo Taylor, Lounge Host

Christopher Vann, Production Manager

Debbie Wright, Concierge Manager

Film Awards

Chris Coggins, Film Awards Security Manager

Martin Foster, Film Awards Designer

Kameron Gregson, Film Awards Executive Assistant

Amy Hartman, Film Awards Credentials Assistant & Studio Coordinator

Joel Hoglund, Film Awards Program Writer

Jessica Jazayeri, Film Awards Associate Director 

Dan Kleba, Film Awards Production Coordinator

Matthew McRee, Film Awards Credentials Manager

Marketing and Publicity

Kylie Elliot, Scenario PR

Martin Foster, Creative Services

Austin Good, Scenario PR

Jordan Schudie, PR Intern

Andrew Sheets, Marketing Assistant

Steve Wilson, Scenario PR

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