Our staff is dedicated to delivering an entertaining festival experience that captivates our guests, sparks conversation, and leaves you wanting to attend again and again.  Get to know us! We are happy to be part of this delightful experience.


Rhea Woodson, Managing Director
Liliana Rodriguez, Artistic Director
Lauren Turletsky
, Operations Manager
Christina Sasse, Film Awards Director of Operations
Kristin Bloomer
, Sponsor & Development Manager
Zack Solomon
, Membership & Education Manager

Felicia Alford, Accountant
Jessica Eskelin, Programming Manager
Scarlett Wilmsen, Film Awards Operations Coordinator
Caroline Polly, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
Marissa Aguayo, Development Associate
Brynn Hinnant, Office Coordinator

International Film Festival 2022


David Ansen, Lead Programmer
Alissa Simon, Lead Programmer
Hebe Tabachnik, Senior Programmer
Therese Hayes, Programmer
Céline Roustan, Programmer
Jane Schoettle, Programmer & Producer, Filmmaker Retreats
Jennifer Van Camp, Programming Coordinator
Stephanie Pineda, Programming Intern

Film Awards

Jessica Jazayeri, Film Awards Manager
Simon Ryder, Film Awards Coordinator

Marketing & Publicity

Grant Yoshino, Marketing Assistant
Steve Wilson
, Scenario PR
Lauren Peteroy, Scenario PR
Lindsay Shapiro, Scenario PR
Kayla Robles, Marketing & Social Media Intern
Ashley Mejia, Social Media Intern
William Polly, Marketing Intern
Ava Hemstreet, Development Intern
Holly Hinman, Development Intern

Special Events

Deena Murray, Special Events Manager

Guest Relations

Alyssa Lopez, Guest Relations Manager
Katie Gilligan, Guest Relations Coordinator
Mijoe Sahiouni, Guest Relations Coordinator
Jasiri Jenkins-Glenn, Ground Transportation Manager
Nathan Collins, Ground Transportation Coordinator
Jeff Stone, Ground Transportation Assistant
Kaila Gutierrez, Guest Relations Assistant
Graham Bennett, Guest Relations Intern

Box Office

Matt Wigglesworth, Box Office Co-Manager
Stephanie Towner, Box Office Co-Manager
Edward Thayer, Concierge Manager
Tara Dupuis, Credentials Manager
John Skrabec, Concierge Assistant
Imani Crenshaw, Credentials Assistant
Bill Duffy, Box Office Supervisor
Ed Avant, Box Office Supervisor
Gwen Kibbe, Box Office Supervisor
Henry Fox, Box Office Supervisor
Jeremy Levi, Box Office Supervisor
Lorna Schanzenbach, Box Office Supervisor
Mark Bowes, Box Office Supervisor
Ricky Hubert, Box Office Supervisor
Veronica Aranda, Box Office Supervisor


Aaron Ridenour, Technical Director
Jody Cole, Theater Operations Manager
Clayton Martin, Print Traffic Manager
Debbie Ray Scanlon, Volunteer Manager
Jim Gazan, Assistant Volunteer Manager
Angy Fonseca, Production Manager
Max Holm, Print Traffic Coordinator
Debbie Wright, Health Checkpoint Coordinator
Jody Grossman, Health Checkpoint Assistant
Jose Padilla, Accounting Assistant
Anthony Doyle, Production Assistant
Enrique Ortiz, Production Assistant
Caila Sims, Production Intern


Martin Foster, Creative Serves Manager & Designer
Joel Hoglund, Publications Coordinator
Jesse Knight, Editor
LA, Poster Art
Stampede, Festival Trailer

ShortFest 2022


Sudeep Sharma, Director of Programming
Jesse Knight, Programmer
Dominique O'Neil, Programmer
Céline Roustan, Programmer

Robert John Torres, Programmer

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