• All You Can Eat

Food, glorious food! We need it to survive but whether it’s a pleasure, an art or a taboo (or all three!) depends largely on your mindset. Here ShortFest offers you a varied tasting menu of outrageous, thoughtful, humorous and transgressive films about nourishment of many kinds.

Short Films

Bacon & God’s Wrath

This creative, multi-media doc is an exploration of belief, faith and custom in the modern world, through the eyes of an elderly Jewish woman as she embraces technology and tries bacon for the first time.

Cherry Cake

Set in the heart of rural England, this wry film takes a peek over the garden gate of a picture-perfect country cottage into a brief moment in the life of angelic 86-year-old Ingrid.

The Chop

In this "kosher comedy," a skilled and charming Jewish butcher must expand his horizons after he loses his job.

Meat the Vegans

A yuppie vegan couple sit down to an unconventional dinner.

Noodle Deli

Every morning, using a recipe discovered centuries ago in China, chef Jeffrey Yang makes noodles in his San Gabriel Valley restaurant outside Los Angeles.

The Scent of Fish Sauce

Mai, a Vietnamese nurse, is hired to take care of an injured American man. After turning him onto the secret pleasures of Vietnamese cooking, Mai’s romantic dreams take a strange turn.


Crashing his scooter between a food truck and a brothel lands a young man a job, but can he also land the girl of his dreams?

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