• Around the World in 90 Minutes

Film festivals offer a firsthand insight into what is happening around our planet—without having to get on a plane. Featuring stories from Kyrgyzstan, India, Mexico, Indonesia and Canada.

Short Films

La Laguna

Deep in the rainforest of southern Mexico, a young Mayan boy lives a life of freedom and joy until confronted by family problems and the realities of growing up that might push him out into the world.


An ecstatic reworking of archival material, Monnet’s film captures a people forever on the move as they inhabit both traditional and urban lives with immense vitality.


After discovering a sleeping child in his rickshaw, the driver must go all the way back across town in search of the boy’s parents. Will he be rewarded?


In this gorgeous, heartbreaking saga, a young woman realizes that she has no choice but to relinquish her beloved horse and, with it, her freedom.

Water from the Moon

In Bali, a young boy and his older sister journey up a nearby mountain to connect with the spirit of their recently departed mother.

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