• Boys and Men

Crises of masculinity abound in this selection of films, in which gender roles are questioned, relationships are tested and sexuality is cast into sharp relief.

Short Films

Bird Hearts

After his girlfriend Maya relates a colorful experience from her past, Benjamin begins to question his manliness on the eve of his 26th birthday.

The Manliest Man

After the village potter fathers a second daughter, the elders call for a “manlier” man to help the family bear a male offspring.


A twisted gay romance set in 19th-century Bohemia tells the true story of the birth of one of the nation's most influential writers. Suspense, laughter, violence, hope, heart, nudity, sex and a mostly happy ending.


A spoken-word performance gives a teenager the chance to share their true self, but there's an unexpected guest in the audience.


When a man discovers something about himself, he must choose between telling his fiancée before the wedding, or not.

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