• All About My Mother

In motherhood, nothing is as absolute as the love you feel for your child.  Whether they are near or far, easy or difficult, real or plastic, the job title comes with incredible challenges.  ShortFest is proud to present this collection of shout outs to some pretty special moms.

Short Films

Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung

This powerful animé film tells the journey of a young immigrant boy, his personal discovery, and the long-distant relationship with his mother that he keeps alive by mailing Polaroid photographs.

Cold Kisses

On the outskirts of Bogotá, the voices of youngsters killed by the army continue to echo for their mothers.


A portrait of a reborn artist and her specialization in creating incredibly lifelike dolls. An odd, but always tender, examination of a practice heavily tied up in questions around motherhood and grief.

Minh Tâm

Struggling to raise an autistic son while under the thumb of her domineering, traditional mother, Minh Tâm finds little relief in her life until one day she meets Olivier.

Napoleon In Exile

Corey is extremely good at Dungeon Force, but not so good with reality. And his mom has some serious reality in store for him.

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