• Animal Nature

A bear on the rampage, a highly evolved iguana, and a peeping-tom cat feature in an eclectic lineup that blurs the boundaries between man and beast, and explores our complex relationships with the animal kingdom.

Short Films

Berlin Metanoia

A bear escapes and the entire city goes mad. In the meantime, a voiceover actress is having a meltdown. Visually stunning, unique and unforgettable.

The Hen

Emory Knox lives alone with his grandmother. After an encounter with her beloved hen, there is a moment of unusual grace in this understated yet surprising film.


A highly evolved iguana has been forbidden from indulging in animal behavior such as eating insects. One day, however, on a visit to a museum, his natural instincts are revived.

The Noise of Licking

A film about a voyeuristic cat, a woman with an excessive love for plants, and a peculiar visitor in a fur hat.


A couple finds themselves in the odd and frequent position of caring for uniquely impaired animals before their inevitable demise. A heartwarming ode to the sometimes bizarre and beautiful connection between man and animals.

Urban Cowboys

In west Dublin, in a neighborhood of families who are facing hard times, some teenagers keep wild horses illegally. This includes 14-year-old Dylan, whose mother gave him money to buy his first horse before her sudden death.

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