Short Film Programs


Tales about the unknown future and its wondrous (and horrifying) possibilities. Read More


This Gay!La collection of shorts for the lesbian orientation features striking performances and moments that will take you back (or make you wish you were there). Read More

Gay!La HIS

This Gay!La presentation explores the many definitions, struggles and pleasures of what it means to be a gay man. Read More

Getting It On

A selection of films about love, sex and everything in between. This one’s got a little steam. Read More

Growing Pains

Growing up, in whatever phase of life, is hard to do but makes for great films in this collection. Read More


Australia has long had a great track record as fertile ground for new talent. This selection runs the gamut from comedies through psychological thrillers and slow-burning dramas - all the way from the Land Down Under. Read More

Home Is Where the Heart Is

For many of us, home is so much more than where we physically reside. It is our heritage, our memories, our loved ones. Read More

Identity Crisis

Through this series of personal reflections and physical transformations, you’ll find that who we are is rarely set in stone. Read More

It Takes Two

Twins, doubles, doppelgangers and odd couples – sometimes having a second opinion makes things more than twice as complicated (and often very funny). Read More

The Kids Are Alright

They may be young, but by choice or by circumstance, they have been thrust into a world that has little patience for the innocence of childhood. Read More

Lexus Short Films

ShortFest is proud to host, for the first time, the Lexus Short Films block, a collaboration between Lexus and the Weinstein Company to support and nurture a new generation of emerging filmmakers. Read More

Life Cycle

Tales of turning points in the different stages of life, touching on sex, death and Polish poetry. Read More

Lost & Found

Seekers and searchers populate this program: hunting for lost items, digging for buried treasure, piecing together families and often finding more than they ever expected to discover. Read More

Made for Each Other

We are all searching for love, and relationships can be just as difficult to maintain as they are to form. Read More

Mind Over Matter

From surreal to silly to serious, these films ask you to set your sanity aside and explore the labyrinth of the human psyche. Read More

On the Job

Films about the unique joy, monotony, fulfillment and misery of work. Read More

On the Road

In this collection of films people learn about their true self behind the wheel. Read More

Opening Night

To kick it off, we want to put you in a good mood. Enjoy this grouping of fun, touching and feel-good films. The ceremony begins at 6:30 pm at Camelot Theatres followed by our annual Opening Night Party at Lulu. TICKET HOLDERS | must present Opening Night ticket for entry to both screening & party PASSHOLDERS | Must present a... Read More

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Outsiders & Underdogs

You’ll root for this collection of films about extraordinary outcasts. Read More

Parables, Fantasies and Fables

Coins mysteriously multiply, garbage is piled to the sky, animals can speak and skeletons walk the streets in this selection of fantastical live action films, haunting documentaries, and wild animations offering deeper meaning to those who seek it. Read More

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