2017 ShortFest Program Index

All in the Family

Whether they are the source of your greatest joy or greatest pain, you can’t escape your family. Read More

America the Weird

Fictional, real and somewhere in-between shorts about this strange country and the memorable people and stories in it. Read More

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Back by popular demand, this program offers a little bit of everything... and nothing quite like you’ve seen before. Read More

Animal Instincts

Cats, dogs, early man and everything in between! This eclectic lineup explores our complex relationships with the animal kingdom. Read More

Around the World in 90 Minutes

Visit the world without leaving your seat! Featuring stories from Cuba, India, Saudi Arabia and others. Read More


Bad dates, misinterpreted prophecies and alcohol used liberally can all bring about life’s awkward moments, some more disturbing than others. Come laugh and cringe along with our put-upon protagonists. Read More

Behind the Curtain

Performance, either as an artist or in real life, takes center stage in this collection of shorts. Read More

Boys and Men

Crises of masculinity abound in this selection of films, in which gender roles are questioned, relationships tested and sexuality cast into sharp relief. Read More

Brief Encounters

Sometimes our most deeply felt experiences are drawn from the most fleeting of relationships. Read More

Communication Breakdowns

Despite their best efforts, the characters in these shorts just can’t quite seem to get through to one another. Read More

Cons & Consequences

A collection of films about the cascading and unpredictable consequences of being on the other side of the law. Read More

Coupling & Uncoupling

Sexy, sad and surprising stories of the beginnings and ends of relationships, from wildly different points of view and filmmaking styles. Read More


The characters in this program stand at a juncture, where their lives will never be the same. Read More

C’est la vie!

Our annual collection of French language favorites leans toward the fantastical, balancing a healthy dose of reality with a little magic. Read More


Moving on is difficult, and the protagonists of these shorts find themselves at the end of their respective paths, preparing for the unseen futures that await them. Read More

Dysfunctional Families

While it’s not uncommon for relatives to quarrel, the protagonists of these shorts take family dysfunction to another level. Read More

Elements of Nature

Fire, water, air and earth, this group of documentaries, narratives and animation explores the interplay between humans and the natural world. Read More

Extraordinary People

A diverse group of stories about inspiring people facing the unique challenges of their lives with purpose and resolve. Read More

Face the Music

Musicians, both real and written, mix with fans and families in this cinematic playlist of fictional tales and documentaries. Read More

Far From Home

Poignant films for a world defined by the movement of people, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes through desperation or coercion, across borders. Read More

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