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Salt in the Air

From sandy beaches to rugged coastlines, these waterlogged tales follow those who live their lives by the sea, exposed to the elements and dreaming of distant shores. Read More

Same Planet, Different Worlds

In the melting pot of the modern world we brush up against real and imagined divides every day. These stories exist along those boundary lines, challenging us to see the humanity on both sides. Read More

Secrets & Lies

Misinterpretations, deliberate distortions and shocking revelations—these films pull back the curtain on the things we keep hidden from ourselves and from each other. Read More


Films for kids and the young at heart, this mix of family-friendly fare features a variety of animated and live action tales. All films with dialogue are in English, though you will encounter an accent or two. Read More

Sibling Stories

With life’s myriad challenges, the bond that exists between siblings can at times comfort in ways no others can... or exacerbate the conflict even further. Read More

Star Power

A-list talent is featured in this group of shorts. Read More

Talk of the Town

Word gets around fast in these stories about small communities, where it’s hard to avoid your neighbors and everyone knows your name. Read More


An eclectic mix of real and imagined stories about the unexpected ways technology is changing our lives. Read More

The Moments that Define Us

Our lives can be transformed by one single moment. These are the moments that define us. Read More

The Things We Do For Love

A deep dedication to family is the common theme running through this otherwise varied group of stories ranging from poignant to humorous to heartbreaking. Read More

This American Life

Whether it’s a melting pot or a great big salad, there's no denying the United States is rich in diversity. Take a glimpse into the lives of these Americans... Read More

Thrills & Chills

Thrill seekers, rejoice! This collection of genre films will have you gripping your armrests in suspense. Forget the gym, this is how you get the heart racing. Read More

We Are the Champions

The ambitious nature of the human spirit is on display in this selection of stories grounded in sport, competition (the friendly kind, and the not-so-friendly) and the drive for greatness. Read More

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Hello and welcome to a neighborhood of friendly Satanists, haunted ovens, swimming lessons and stopped time. This grouping combines the sweet and sour, comedies and dramas and has a little bit for everyone. Won’t you be our neighbor? Read More

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