• Life Cycle

Tales of turning points in the different stages of life, touching on sex, death and Polish poetry.

Short Films

After the Reunion

The morning after their class reunion, 50-year-old Saila wakes up next to her old classmate Esa. To Saila’s surprise, Esa recalls much about her that she herself has already forgotten.


Elementary school children have to memorize a poem by heart as homework in this charming look at learning for children and adults alike.


A teenager finds out she is pregnant on the day she is to portray the Virgin Mary in her church Nativity play.

The Head Vanishes

Jacqueline, no longer quite in her right mind, still goes on her annual summer trip. This year, she's followed by some woman who claims to be her daughter.

In a Nutshell

From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse; an attempt to capture the world in a nutshell.


On a small Tyrolean farm, a young boy assists his grandfather in his daily rituals.

Mr. Death

An exclusive interview with Death as he goes about his everyday business.

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