• The Rest of Us

Though fractured and divided by a world that has cast them aside, the subjects of these films journey to be made whole no matter what the cost.

Short Films


A glimpse into the life of a trans woman struggling to make ends meet and the sacrifices she must make to be herself.


Worried his son is soft, a father goes to destructive lengths to "fix" him.

The Cobbler

A struggling shoe repairman’s hope of raising money for his son’s school trip gets dashed when he loses a client’s expensive pair of shoes.

I, Destini

In an animated diary, Destini Riley reflects on her life in Durham, N.C., a city divided by class and race. For Destini, whose brother is in prison, the carceral environment is difficult to escape.

Under the Sun

An offscreen incident affects two families—one rich and one poor—in profoundly different ways.

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