• A History of Violence

As far as we’ve come, violence and its ensuing tragedies remain commonplace all over the world. As always, there is much to learn from it.

Short Films

Animated daily

Inspired by international events taken from the pages of the French daily newspaper Libération, this wildly creative animation leads us down an unexpected and troubling path.


Some things must die to live.


Stumbling upon an abandoned health spa overcome with vegetation, Colombian teenagers Ivan and Juan find violence to be second nature, even in the most tranquil of surroundings.


A radio show about sushi in the background. A mother fixing her son a snack. A father comes home from the office. It's an average day in an average household when something disrupts the ordinary.

Isabella Morra

On a French housing estate, Pagliai reinvents the story of Isabella Morra, a Renaissance poet murdered by her brothers. Left to fend for themselves, a group of young girls survives as the threat of violence remains all too present.

Speaking Is Difficult

This film always begins in the present day. A scene of tragedy unfolds, accompanied by fear, chaos and disbelief. As it rewinds into the past, retracing our memories, it tells a cumulative history that is both unbearable and inevitable.

Tattoo You

At a high school reunion, an encounter between two grown women in the girls' bathroom reveals the indelible marks left by their shared past.

Wild Animals

In this tension-filled guessing game, a teenage boy hides in a school bathroom after a horrifying event, slowly revealing what has transpired.

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