• Empire

    Directed by Kristof Hoornaert
    Belgium | 14 minutes | U.S. premiere |

A radio show about sushi in the background. A mother fixing her son a snack. A father comes home from the office. It's an average day in an average household when something disrupts the ordinary.

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Director: Kristof Hoornaert
Producers: Wim Vanacker
Screenwriter: Kristof Hoornaert
Cinematographers: Thomas Buelens
Cast: Ina Geerts, Kris Cuppens, Jef Cuppens
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Year: 2015
Running Time: 14 minutes
Premiere Status: U.S. premiere
Awards: Òwinner Cinematic Achievement Award, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival
Display Format: DCP - 2D

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