2019 ShortFest Announces Line-up


Palm Springs, CA (May 28, 2019) - The 25th annual Palm Springs International ShortFest will showcase 369 films including 60 World Premieres, 25 International Premieres, 46 North American Premieres, 17 U.S. Premieres and 98 California Premieres.  There are 60 curated programs, which will screen June 18-24, at the Camelot Theatres (Palm Springs Cultural Center) in Palm Springs.  More than 5,600 of the festival submissions from 118 countries were submitted, most of which will be available in the Film Market for industry attendees to view. The complete line-up and schedule is available at and a list of films are included at the end of the release.

"Once again, we're thrilled to share an incredible lineup brimming with talent from all over the globe," said Artistic Director Lili Rodriguez. "From festival favorites to fresh discoveries, it's clear that there is no shortage of talent in the short film world. The programming team poured over a record number of 5,600 submissions to find the 369 films that made the lineup - a selection that showcases a kaleidoscope of voices and perspectives, rich in originality and skill."  

Short films featuring celebrated film and TV actors include Paul Lieberstein, Mandy Moore and Justin Bartha in The Big Break; Gillian Jacobs directs Danny Pudi in Curated; Maria Bello in EXIT; Amy Landecker in Father Figurine; Jamie McShane in Good Morning; Tyler Labine in It's Your Call; Brittany Snow directs Milkshake with Anna Camp; Patton Oswalt, Ben Schwartz and Dermot Mulroney in Monster Challenge; Chris Gethard in Nighty Night; Tom Skerritt in The Phantom 52; M. Emmet Walsh in South of Bix; and Brian Cox in Widdershins.  

Over $86,000 in prizes, including $26,750 in cash awards, will be given out in 22 categories to this year's short films in competition.  First place winners in five categories will automatically become eligible for consideration by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS®) for a possible Academy Award® nomination.  Over the course of 24 years, the Festival has presented 101 films that have gone on to receive Academy Award® nominations.  Winners will be announced at a brunch on Sunday, June 23.     

Prominent industry figures from the Sundance Institute, Showtime, Netflix, AMPAS®, Anonymous Content, CAA, ICM Partners, Tribeca Film Institute, IDA, Film Independent, Management 360, Refinery 29, Vimeo, SAGindie, Breaker, Mosaic, CINETIC MEDIA, Seed&Spark, ATTN:, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Circle of Confusion, Odenkirk Provissiero and other organizations will participate in three days of ShortFest Forum programs covering a wide range of emerging trends and new practices in the global film community. The ShortFest Forum schedule includes:  

Thursday, June 20th
10:30am - 11:30am
Roundtable: The Market for Short Form: Curators & Programmers
Whoever said that short form was just a stepping stone to long form is just wrong! Talk with a wide range of curators, programmers, and platform execs about the many opportunities that exist for short form content.    

12:00pm - 1:15pm
Interactive: You've Got Production Questions, We've Got Answers!
These one-on-one sessions will have producers, financiers, distributors, crowdfunding specialists, editors, union reps, casting directors, line producers, and more all answering your questions about all things production from pre to post. After 10 minutes it's musical chairs, so be ready with questions in hand.  

2:00pm - 3:00pm
Class: How to Pitch Like a Pro #1
We know you have another idea or script you're ready to pitch - feature, episodic, VR or short form, all are welcome! Our industry guests will show you the ropes to a successful pitch, and share stories on the dos and don'ts. They will share some insights and then workshop some of your pitches.  

3:30pm - 4:30pm
Panel: The Indie Episodic Landscape: Triumphs, Trials & Trends
Executives and Indie Creators discuss the current landscape for indie episodic projects. With more content than ever being produced for the small screen, and opportunities for both established auteurs and fresh voices. In these ever-changing times in entertainment, how can you break into the episodic medium?  

Friday, June 21st
10:30am - 11:30am
Roundtable: Big Business: Agents, Managers & Acquisitions
Come hear directly from the dealmakers' mouths. Agents, managers, and acquisitions execs discuss the current and future state of the business of filmmaking: from buying and selling, packaging a project, finding representation that works for you, and how to set up a project for distribution success before it's even made. Be ready to listen and ask your burning questions.  

12:00pm - 1:15pm Interactive: Speed Pitching #1
It's time to test out those pro pitching skills! Our diverse group of industry professionals - agents, studio executives, financiers, producers and filmmakers - are ready to meet with you one-on-one. You pitch. They respond. Make sure you leave some time for valuable feedback. After 10 minutes it's musical chairs.  

2:00pm - 3:00pm Class: How to Pitch Like a Pro #2
We know you have another idea or script you're ready to pitch - feature, episodic, VR or short form, all are welcome! Our industry guests will show you the ropes to a successful pitch, and share stories on the dos and don'ts. They will share some insights and then workshop some of your pitches.  

3:30pm - 4:30pm
Panel: Best Foot Forward: Labs & Grants & How to Get Them
You've made your calling card short film, now you're ready to take things to the next level with funding your next project and/or participating in artist development labs. Hear directly from the source about what to expect from a lab experience and the dos and don'ts of the application process for labs and grants.  

Saturday, June 22nd
10:00am - 11:00am
Roundtable: Meet & Greet: Labs & Grants  
A follow-up to Friday's panel, this is a chance to connect directly with the organizations offering artist development lab programs and/or grants. Our industry guests will lay out their opportunities and have an open discussion with you about what might make sense for your next project and the career you're working to build.  

11:30am - 12:45pm
Interactive: Speed Pitching #2
It's time to test out those pro pitching skills! Our diverse group of industry professionals - agents, studio executives, financiers, producers and filmmakers - are ready to meet with you one-on-one. You pitch. They respond. Make sure you leave some time for valuable feedback. After 10 minutes it's musical chairs.
*Note: You will need to have attended the How to Pitch Like a Pro #1 or #2 on Thursday or Friday to participate in this session.  

1:15pm - 2:15pm
Class: How to Ruin a Film in 10 Ways
Unnecessary violence or nudity, shooting with the first draft of your script, deciding the crew can feed themselves - whether it's a writing trope or a mistake during production, we're all aware of the things that can ruin a film. These industry professionals drill down on the things you should avoid with your future projects before addressing specific challenges you're facing as a filmmaker.  

2:45pm - 3:45pm
Panel: Building Momentum: Festivals, Audience & Awards Strategy
Learn the ropes of audience building and awards strategy with your most recent short film or for your future projects. What choices and opportunities might present themselves and where? How can filmmakers best capitalize on these? Planning for the release of your film is imperative for the best return on these opportunities. Our panelists will discuss steps for releasing your film from planning to distribution!  

4:00pm - 5:00pm Panel: Meet the Programmers
Let's take a quick trip to top festivals and meet their programmers. Our panelists will provide candid insights into the programming process, deciding which festivals are best for your project, and making sure you make the most of your festival experience.     

The 2019 Palm Springs ShortFest will screen the following films:   


  • 61 Beehive Street (United Kingdom/Spain) Director: Helena Bonastre Rodriguez
  • Acid Rain (Poland) Director: Tomek Popakul
  • Bear With Me (Netherlands) North American Premiere. Director: Daphna Awadish
  • Between the Shadows (Portugal/France) Directors: Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães
  • Bolero Station (Switzerland) California Premiere. Director: Rolf Brönnimann
  • Caterpillarplasty (Canada) Director: David Barlow-Krelina
  • Cat Noir (Switzerland) Director: O'Neil Bürgi
  • Circuit (Switzerland) California Premiere. Director: Delia Hess
  • Deadman's Reach (United Kingdom) North American Premiere. Director: Quentin Vien
  • Epoch (Ireland) International Premiere. Director: Kevin McGloughlin
  • Girl in the Hallway (Canada) Director: Valerie Barnhart
  • Goldie (USA) Director: Emily Brundige
  • Guaxuma (Brazil/France) Director: Nara Normande
  • Hors piste (France) Directors: Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet
  • Icebergs (Greece/USA) Director: Eirini Vianelli
  • I'm Going Out for Cigarettes (France) Director: Osman Cerfon
  • Laugh Lines (Switzerland) California Premiere. Director: Patricia Wenger
  • The Lost Sound (Australia) Director: Steffie Yee
  • Maintain Yourself (USA) California Premiere. Director: Ellie LaCourt
  • Marooned (USA) North American Premiere. Director: Andy Erekson
  • Mind My Mind (Netherlands/Belgium) California Premiere. Director: Floor Adams
  • Mogu & Perol (Japan) Director: Tsuneo Goda
  • My Brother Luca (Mexico) World Premiere. Directors: Carlos Algara, Catalina Serna
  • My Mother's Eyes (United Kingdom) California Premiere. Director: Jenny Wright
  • Nosis (Germany) Director: Vincenz Neuhaus
  • Not Your Panda (Canada) California Premiere. Director: Tigris Alt Sakda
  • On the Day You Were Born (USA) Director: Duke Doyle
  • The Opposites Games (USA) Directors: Anna Samo, Lisa LaBracio
  • Pace (Germany) World Premiere. Director: Kai Stänicke
  • Per tutta la vita (Italy/France) Director: Roberto Catani
  • The Phantom 52 (USA/Japan) California Premiere. Director: Geoff Marslett
  • Riviera (France) U.S. Premiere. Director: Jonas Schloesing
  • Selfies (Switzerland) Director: Claudius Gentinetta
  • Sister (China/United States) Director: Siqi Song
  • Spermaceti (Belgium) North American Premiere. Director: Jacky De Groen
  • The Stained Club (France/France) Directors: Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier
  • The Subject (Canada) Director: Patrick Bouchard
  • Trump Bites: "I Alone Can Fix It!" (USA) Directors: Bill Plympton, Billy Shebar, David C. Roberts
  • Under Covers (USA) California Premiere. Director: Michaela Olsen
  • Widdershins (United Kingdom) Director: Simon P. Biggs
  • Wild Love (France) California Premiere. Directors: Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux, Corentin Yvergniaux
  • Windshriek (France) North American Premiere. Director: Frédéric Doazan
  • Your Mother Is a Thief! (Canada) California Premiere. Director: Marie-Josée  Saint-Pierre


  • About Bintou (United Kingdom/China) Director: Dezhou Li
  • Ale y Yose (USA) World Premiere. Director: Erin Semine Kökdil
  • All Inclusive (Switzerland) Director: Corina Schwingruber Ili
  • American Refugee (USA) World Premiere. Director: Ron Najor
  • At Her Fingertips (Peru) World Premiere. Director: Erica Nguyen
  • Backwards (Israel) North American Premiere. Director: Dana Gelman
  • Betty Feeds the Animals (USA) California Premiere. Director: James P. Gannon
  • The Briefing (Poland) North American Premiere. Director: Filip Drzewiecki
  • Brother, Move On (Switzerland/India) California Premiere. Director: Antshi von Moos
  • Burton Before and After (USA) Directors: Courtney Hermann, Kerribeth Elliott
  • The Clinic (USA) Director: Elivia Shaw
  • Connected (Poland) California Premiere. Director: Aleksandra Maciejczyk
  • Couper Was Here (USA) Director: Nicole Foley
  • Crowley - Cowboy Up (USA) California Premiere. Director: André Hörmann
  • Dani (USA) Director: Lizzy Hogenson
  • The Day Don Died (Canada) Directors: Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor
  • Double Exposed (USA) Director: Julie Buck
  • Edgecombe (USA) Director: Crystal Kayiza
  • Excess Will Save Us (Sweden) U.S. Premiere. Director: Morgane Dziurla-Petit
  • Far From Past (Austria/Switzerland) North American Premiere. Director: Nicole Foelsterl
  • How to Breathe in Kern County (USA) North American Premiere. Director: Chris Filippone
  • How to Make a Rainbow (USA) California Premiere. Director: Ryan Maxey
  • Hunters (Switzerland) North American Premiere. Director: Benjamin Bucher
  • Inferno (Australia/Mexico) World Premiere. Director: Patrick Fileti
  • Kamali (India/United Kingdom) California Premiere. Director: Sasha Rainbow
  • La Espiga (Mexico/USA) World Premiere. Director: Cameron G. Quevedo
  • Last Sermon at George's Creek (USA) Directors: Bobby Moser, Spencer Creigh
  • Lowland Kids (USA) California Premiere. Director: Sandra Winther
  • Mack Wrestles (USA) Directors: Taylor Hess, Erin Sanger
  • Matsutake Hunters (Canada) Director: Shannon Walsh
  • mountain (Belgium) North American Premiere. Director: Grégoire Verbeke
  • My Last Days: Meet Anthony (USA) Director: Farhoud Meybodi
  • Noodle School (USA/China) Director: Jia Li
  • Nowhere Bastards (Mexico) Director: Mario González Jiménez
  • The Path of Least Resistance (USA) California Premiere. Directors: Aldo Chacon, Salvador Chacon
  • Phyllis and Francesca 48 Years On (Australia) Director: Edwina Storie
  • Sage (USA) Director: Gabe Dinsmoor
  • Seeds of Deceit (Netherlands) California Premiere. Director: Miriam Guttmann
  • Shirley Temple (Canada) U.S. Premiere. Director: Audrey Nantel-Gagnon
  • Shout At Me! (Mexico) Director: Laura Herrero Garvin
  • Small Talk (USA) Director: Paul Szynol
  • Smile (Australia) California Premiere. Directors: Harriet McKern, Remy Varga
  • Sole Doctor (USA) Director: Paula Bernstein
  • Stay Close (USA/China) California Premiere. Directors: Luther Clement, Shuhan Fan
  • Swatted (France) California Premiere. Director: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
  • Sweetheart Dancers (USA) Director: Ben-Alex Dupris
  • This Is Not a (Iranian) Film (USA/Iran) North American Premiere. Director: Azar Kafaei  

Live Action

  • 100 EUR (Austria) North American Premiere. Director: Aleksey Lapin
  • Abu Eli (Israel) World Premiere. Director: Maya Louzon
  • The Afghanistans (Romania) North American Premiere. Director: Adrian Silisteanu
  • After You Left (USA) Director: April Maxey
  • Ah Gong (Taiwan) Director: Clifford Miu
  • Ahmed's Song (France) North American Premiere. Director: Foued Mansour
  • Alien (South Korea) North American Premiere. Director: Jegwang Yeon
  • Alien Culture (United Kingdom) California Premiere. Director: Iesh Thapar
  • All in Good Time (Ireland) Director: Bonnie Dempsey
  • Alma (Colombia) California Premiere. Director: Santiago León Cuéllar
  • The Amazon (France) Director: Alexandra Naoum
  • Artem Silendi (France) California Premiere. Director: Frank Ychou
  • The Artisan (Cuba) World Premiere. Director: Adrián Cárdenas
  • Ashmina (United Kingdom/Nepal) Director: Dekel Berenson
  • Astres (Canada) World Premiere. Director: Andrée-Anne Roussel
  • Atomic Ed (France) Director: Nicolas Hugon
  • Autumn Waltz (Serbia/USA) Director: Ognjen Petkovi
  • Ave Eva (Greece) Director: Oliwia Twardowska
  • Aylin (Turkey) World Premiere. Director: Ozan Yoleri
  • Bad People (Georgia) California Premiere. Director: Giorgi Tavartkiladze
  • Bajo la sombra del guacarí (Colombia) California Premiere. Director: Greg Méndez Lopéz
  • Balloon (USA) World Premiere. Director: Jeremy Merrifield
  • Bastard (Azerbaijan/United Kingdom) World Premiere. Director: Daniel Guliyev
  • Baya (Belgium) World Premiere. Director: Alice Gadbled
  • Beautiful Loser (France) California Premiere. Director: Maxime Roy
  • The Big Break (USA) California Premiere. Director: Philip Andelman
  • Birthday Night (Iran) California Premiere. Director: Omid Shams
  • Blackmaria (Colombia) California Premiere. Director: Juan Pablo Caballero
  • Blackwood (Australia) California Premiere. Director: Kalu Oji
  • The Blue Cape (USA) California Premiere. Director: Alejandra López
  • Bob & Dale (USA/Canada) World Premiere. Director: David Rosfeld
  • Bodega (USA) California Premiere. Director: Rebecca Halfon
  • Boléro (USA) World Premiere. Director: Sarah Gross
  • Bootyful (France) California Premiere. Director: François Barbier
  • Boy (Belgium) Director: Isabelle Schapira
  • Boy Gets Eaten (Norway) North American Premiere. Director: Sebastian Lagerkvist
  • Brain Jail (USA) World Premiere. Director: Carleton Ranney
  • Bronzed (USA) Director: Mike Egan
  • Brooklyn Park (USA) World Premiere. Director: Nikola Duravcevic
  • Brotherhood (Canada/Tunisia/Qatar/Sweden) Director: Meryam Joobeur
  • Bug Bite (USA) California Premiere. Director: Emily Ann Hoffman
  • Bulles d'air (France) California Premiere. Director: Daouda Diakhate
  • The Bumbry Encounter (USA) Director: Jay K. Raja
  • By a Hair (France) California Premiere. Directors: Yvonnick Muller, Lauriane Escaffre
  • Cadelas (Brazil) International Premiere. Director: Rita Toledo
  • Capital (United Kingdom) California Premiere. Director: Freddy Syborn
  • Caucasus (Lithuania) North American Premiere. Director: Laurynas Barei a
  • Ceremony Night (Iran) World Premiere. Director: Behnam Abedi
  • The Chairs (Azerbaijan/United Kingdom) North American Premiere. Director: Orkhan Aghazadeh
  • Chaos (Germany) World Premiere. Director: Samuel Auer
  • The Christmas Gift (Romania/Spain) California Premiere. Director: Bogdan Muresanu
  • Clear Valley Report (USA) World Premiere. Director: Michael Rubin
  • The Cocoa Fondue Show (USA) Director: Andrew Arnold
  • Coda (USA) Director: Zoe Jarman
  • The Colour of Your Lips (Canada/Canada) California Premiere. Director: Annick Blanc
  • Constellations (United Kingdom/Canada) California Premiere. Director: Anna Maguire
  • Crude Oil (USA) Director: Christopher Good
  • The Culture (Norway) California Premiere. Director: Ernst De Geer
  • Curandera (Peru/USA) Director: Mauricio Rivera Hoffman
  • Curated (USA) California Premiere. Director: Gillian Jacobs
  • Debris (USA/Peru) California Premiere. Director: Julio O. Ramos
  • Deep Tissue (USA) California Premiere. Director: Meredith Alloway
  • Difficult People (India/USA) Director: Sohil Vaidya
  • Dissect (Iran) North American Premiere. Director: Siavash Shahabi
  • Dog (Canada) World Premiere. Director: Pascal Sanchez
  • The Do It Up Date (USA) Directors: Emily Ting, Andrew Barchilon
  • The Dressing (USA) World Premiere. Director: Patrick Moser
  • The Drink (United Kingdom) Director: Cosima Spender
  • Dunya's Day (Saudi Arabia/USA) Director: Raed Alsemari
  • Dziadzio (Canada) California Premiere. Director: Aaron Ries
  • Elephant in the Room (Switzerland) California Premiere. Director: Chanelle Eidenbenz
  • Ella (Norway) International Premiere. Director: Tommy Næss
  • Ellinikon (Greece) World Premiere. Director: Konstantinos Prepis
  • Engaged (USA) Director: David Scala
  • Eva Sola (Germany/Spain) International Premiere. Director: Lara Rodríguez Cruz
  • Exit (USA/Canada) U.S. Premiere. Director: Claire Edmondson
  • Family (Belgium/France) U.S. Premiere. Director: Catherine Cosme
  • A Family Affair (United Kingdom) U.S. Premiere. Director: Florence Keith-Roach
  • Farewell (Israel) International Premiere. Director: Vitali Agronov
  • Far Out (Germany) North American Premiere. Director: Jan-Peter Horstmann
  • Father and Daughter (France/France) World Premiere. Director: Eric Du Bellay
  • Father Figurine (USA) California Premiere. Director: Matt Kazman
  • Fatiya (France) U.S. Premiere. Director: Marion Desseigne-Ravel
  • F*ck Bunny (USA) Director: Wesley Wingo
  • Feathers (USA) California Premiere. Director: A.V. Rockwell
  • The Fight (United Kingdom) World Premiere. Director: Georgi Banks-Davies
  • The Fisherwoman (Dominican Republic/USA) California Premiere. Director: Lorena Durán Jiménez
  • Five Secrets to Mom (USA) Director: Charles Dillon Ward
  • Fixed Water (USA) World Premiere. Director: Christine Haroutounian
  • Floating (Spain/Argentina) Director: Frankie De Leonardis
  • Floss (China/Norway) World Premiere. Director: Popo Fan
  • Frida Think (Ireland/Ireland) North American Premiere. Director: Maya Derrington
  • Fuck You (Sweden) Director: Anette Sidor
  • Fun Factory (Norway/Germany) International Premiere. Directors: Lisa Brooke Hansen, Even Hafnor
  • Garage (Switzerland) World Premiere. Director: Lorraine Perriard
  • The Gentleman (Sweden) U.S. Premiere. Director: Hanna Westerlind
  • God Never Dies (USA/Ireland) Director: Barbara Cigarroa
  • The Golden Legend (Spain) California Premiere. Directors: Chema García Ibarra, Ion de Sosa
  • Golden Malibu (Mexico) California Premiere. Director: Natalia Bermúdez Fierro
  • Good Morning (USA) Director: Elaine Mongeon
  • The Good Shepherd (Estonia) North American Premiere. Director: Evar Anvelt
  • Grand Bouquet (Japan) North American Premiere. Director: Nao Yoshigai
  • Green (USA) Director: Suzanne Andrews Correa
  • The Guy (USA) Director: Jon Fusco
  • Hank (USA) Director: Hongyu Li
  • Heads or Tails (Canada) California Premiere. Director: Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas
  • The Hedgehog's Dilemma (Switzerland) World Premiere. Director: Francesca Scalisi
  • Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre (Finland) California Premiere. Director: Ilja Rautsi
  • Hi, This Is Heather (USA) World Premiere. Director: Steven Stauffer
  • Homesick (France/Japan) North American Premiere. Director: Koya Kamura
  • Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. (USA) Director: Adamma Ebo
  • How I Got to the Moon by Subway (USA) Director: Tyler Rabinowitz
  • How to Be Alone (USA) Director: Kate Trefry
  • Hush (New Zealand) U.S. Premiere. Director: Armagan Ballantyne
  • I Am My Own Mother (USA) Director: Andrew Zox
  • I Came Here Alone (Canada) World Premiere. Director: Connor Gaston
  • If This Isn't Love (Canada) U.S. Premiere. Director: Luiza Cocora
  • I'm Dead (United Kingdom) International Premiere. Director: Dan Sully
  • Incel (USA) Director: John Merizalde
  • Intercontinental (Switzerland) North American Premiere. Director: Louis Hans-Moevi
  • In Your Place (Italy) California Premiere. Director: Giuseppe Carleo
  • The Iron Wall (USA) World Premiere. Director: Michael Formanski
  • It's Your Call (USA) World Premiere. Director: Jacquie Phillips
  • Jack (USA) Director: Nick Paonessa
  • Jaeborn By Numbers (Canada/France/Japan/UK) U.S. Premiere. Director: Roger Gariépy
  • Jim (USA) California Premiere. Director: Christopher Black
  • Josef Markus Julian (Austria) World Premiere. Director: Özgür Anil
  • Joy Boy (Australia) International Premiere. Director: Stef Smith
  • Just Me and You (Canada/Quebec) U.S. Premiere. Director: Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers
  • The Katy Universe (USA) Director: Patrick Muhlberger
  • King Wah (I Think I Love You) (USA) California Premiere. Director: Horatio Baltz
  • Kinship (Canada) International Premiere. Director: Jorge Camarotti
  • La Bruja (USA) California Premiere. Directors: Eliza Cossio, Hayley Kosan
  • Lake of Happiness (Germany/Belarus) North American Premiere. Director: Aliaksei Paluyan
  • The Land Over There (Germany) North American Premiere. Director: Arne Kohlweyer
  • The Last Romantic (Mexico) California Premiere. Director: Natalia Garcia Agraz
  • The Last Supper (United Kingdom) Director: Alicia MacDonald
  • Lavender (USA) Director: Matthew Puccini
  • The Legend (France) World Premiere. Director: Manon Eyriey
  • Liberty (USA) California Premiere. Director: Faren Humes
  • Licorice (USA) California Premiere. Director: Gautam Chopra
  • Lila (Denmark) World Premiere. Director: Maj-Britt La Cour
  • Listen (USA) World Premiere. Director: Omri Bezalel
  • A Little Break (France) Director: Louise Groult
  • Little Grey Bubbles (Canada) California Premiere. Director: Charles Wahl
  • The Little Mermaid (France) World Premiere. Director: Manon Amacouty
  • Living Room (Australia/Japan) World Premiere. Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton
  • Lockdown (USA) California Premiere. Directors: Celine Held, Logan George
  • Long Distance (Australia) California Premiere. Director: Anoop Lokkur
  • Long Time Listener, First Time Caller (USA) Director: Nora Kirkpatrick
  • Love at Twenty (Brazil/Spain) World Premiere. Directors: Toti Loureiro, Felipe Arrojo Poroger
  • Loved Ones (Poland) North American Premiere. Director: Zofia Kowalewska
  • The Loved Ones (Russia) International Premiere. Director: Oleg Vitvitski
  • Lust (Sweden) World Premiere. Director: Alexe Landgren
  • Made Public (USA) Director: Foster Wilson
  • Magnetic Harvest (France) U.S. Premiere. Director: Marine Levéel
  • Mama Pingpong Social Club (Taiwan) Director: Shiang-An Chuang
  • Mami (USA) World Premiere. Director: Alessandra Lacorazza
  • Manila Is Full of Men Named Boy (USA/Philippines) Director: Andrew Stephen Lee
  • Maradona's Legs (Germany/Palestine) World Premiere. Director: Firas Khoury
  • Marco (United Kingdom) North American Premiere. Director: Saleem Haddad
  • Marooned (China) World Premiere. Director: Shiyou Yan
  • Men of Vision (USA) Director: Frank Todaro
  • Menuett (Germany) California Premiere. Director: Felix Karoulis
  • Milk (Canada) Director: Santiago Menghini
  • Milk and Rum (Peru) International Premiere. Director: Diego Bedoya
  • Milkshake (USA) World Premiere. Director: Brittany Snow
  • Miller & Son (USA) Director: Asher Jelinsky
  • Monster Challenge (USA) Director: Michael Giacchino
  • Morning Dew (France) North American Premiere. Director: Julie Colly
  • Mother Of (Israel) California Premiere. Director: Gan de Lange
  • Naked in the Streets at Night (France) U.S. Premiere. Director: Benoît Rambourg
  • The Name of the Son (France) International Premiere. Director: Louis Delva
  • Naptha (United Kingdom) North American Premiere. Director: Moin Hussain
  • Nefertiti (USA) North American Premiere. Director: Valerie Schenkman
  • Nefta Football Club (France) Director: Yves Piat
  • The Neighbors' Window (USA) Director: Marshall Curry
  • Nest Egg (USA) California Premiere. Director: Henry Loevner
  • Nice Talking to You (Pakistan/USA) California Premiere. Director: Saim Sadiq
  • Night Swim (USA) California Premiere. Director: Victoria Rivera
  • The Night the Wind Blew (United Kingdom) International Premiere. Director: David Alamouti
  • Nighty Night (USA) California Premiere. Director: Matt Porter
  • Nobody Likes You as Much as I Do (France/USA) Director: Jerzy Rose
  • No Ill Will (Denmark/Faroe Islands) Director: Andrias Høgenni
  • The Noodle Effect (USA) Director: Brandon Winters
  • Nooreh (India) Director: Ashish Pandey
  • A Normal Guy (Romania) International Premiere. Director: George Dogaru
  • Now You Know (USA) California Premiere. Director: Molly Gillis
  • O.I. (Canada/New Zealand) Director: N'cee van Heerden
  • One Morning a Bunny (France) International Premiere. Director: Anne-Sophie Diégo
  • One of the Boys (Netherlands) North American Premiere. Director: Ivo van Aart
  • On Friendship (Spain/France) International Premiere. Director: Pablo García Canga
  • Only Fools Rush In (Spain) California Premiere. Director: David Moragas
  • The Orphan (Brazil) Director: Carolina Markowicz
  • Our Father's Cabin (Norway/United Kingdom) World Premiere. Director: Jon Olav Stokke
  • Parental Advisory (Belgium) North American Premiere. Director: Benjamin Belloir
  • Peggy (USA) Director: Justin O'Neal Miller
  • Peloid (Montenegro) U.S. Premiere. Director: Bojan Stijovi
  • Percht (Austria) North American Premiere. Director: Béla Baptiste
  • Pierre's Heart (France) International Premiere. Director: Olivier Binder
  • Piu Piu (USA) Director: Naima Ramos-Chapman
  • The Plunge (United Kingdom) World Premiere. Director: Simon Ryninks
  • Ponyboi (USA) Directors: River Gallo, Sade Clacken Joseph
  • Pop 30 (Israel/Israel) World Premiere. Director: Shira Billig
  • Possessions (USA) California Premiere. Director: Zeke Farrow
  • The Pregnant Ground (United Kingdom) World Premiere. Director: Haolu Wang
  • Project Baby (Denmark) North American Premiere. Director: Johannes Pico
  • The Proposal (Norway) California Premiere. Director: Det Sporadiske Filmkollektivet
  • Rain, Rain, Run Away (France/France) North American Premiere. Director: Clémentine Carrié
  • Rare Birds (Australia) World Premiere. Director: Melanie Scammell
  • The Rat (USA) Director: Carlen May-Mann
  • Ritual (Australia) Director: Robert Linsley
  • The Role (Iran) California Premiere. Director: Farnoosh Samadi
  • Romance Language (Canada) California Premiere. Director: José Gilles Corbett Lourenço
  • Safe Space (USA) World Premiere. Director: Annabelle Attanasio
  • The School Trip (Italy) North American Premiere. Director: Salvatore Allocca
  • Sebastian (USA) Director: Sam Fragoso
  • Second Son (France) International Premiere. Director: Hadrien Bichet
  • She-Pack (Norway) California Premiere. Director: Fanny Ovesen
  • The Shepherd (Norway) California Premiere. Director: Brwa Vahapour
  • The Shipment (Canada) Director: Bobby Bala
  • Shiva Baby (USA/Canada) Director: Emma Seligman
  • The Silence of the Dying Fish (Greece/France) California Premiere. Director: Vasilis Kekatos
  • Sir Thomas (Israel) California Premiere. Directors: Raanan Fogel, Michael Amir
  • A Sister (Belgium) U.S. Premiere. Director: Delphine Girard
  • Snare (Australia) California Premiere. Director: Madeleine Gottlieb
  • Snor (Netherlands) North American Premiere. Director: Michael Middelkoop
  • Somebody and Nobody (Germany) International Premiere. Director: Joscha Douma
  • Something About Alex (Netherlands) Director: Reinout Hellenthal
  • Something Like Loneliness (USA) Directors: Seth Epstein, Ben Epstein
  • Something Real (Mexico) World Premiere. Director: Renato Moncayo Dávalos
  • sometimes, i think about dying (USA) California Premiere. Director: Stefanie Abel Horowitz
  • Sousaphone (USA/Switzerland) World Premiere. Director: Flo Linus Baumann
  • South of Bix (USA) World Premiere. Directors: Justine Lupe, Briana Pozner
  • Spark (Netherlands) Director: Dominique Gimberg
  • Stone (Turkey) International Premiere. Director: Alican Yücesoy
  • Stone Age (Switzerland) North American Premiere. Director: Lou Rambert Preiss
  • Straight Up (Sweden) International Premiere. Directors: Therese Zoë Richert, China Åhlander
  • Street Flame (USA) California Premiere. Director: Katherine Propper
  • Summer Hit (Germany) North American Premiere. Director: Berthold Wahjudi
  • The Summer of the Electric Lion (Chile) Director: Diego Céspedes
  • Sunday (Singapore) World Premiere. Director: Kris Ong
  • Sunny Hill (Belgium) International Premiere. Director: Christine Grulois
  • #Superinlove (Spain) California Premiere. Director: Curro Bernabéu
  • Sweater (USA) Director: Nick Borenstein
  • Swiped (United Kingdom) Director: Steve Whiteley
  • Sylvia (United Kingdom) Director: Richard Prendergast
  • The Tail (Turkey) International Premiere. Director: Yi it Hepsev
  • Take Care (USA) California Premiere. Director: Itamar Giladi
  • Tenderness (Switzerland) International Premiere. Director: Maxime Rappaz
  • Thin Air (Switzerland) California Premiere. Director: Jonas Ulrich
  • Things That Happen in the Bathroom (USA) California Premiere. Director: Edward Hancox
  • Third Look (Israel) World Premiere. Director: Efrat Rasner Shefa
  • Three Months (Canada) U.S. Premiere. Director: Sasha Alcoloumbre
  • Thrive (United Kingdom) Director: Jamie Di Spirito
  • Throuple (USA) World Premiere. Director: Chrissie De Guzman
  • Thumper (USA) World Premiere. Director: Jack Winemiller
  • Tithes & Offering (Kenya) North American Premiere. Director: Tony Koros
  • Tomgirl (Australia) International Premiere. Director: Vonne Patiag
  • Touch Me (Germany/Luxembourg) North American Premiere. Director: Eileen Byrne
  • Tracks (France) California Premiere. Director: Sophie Thouvenin
  • Tree #3 (USA) World Premiere. Director: Omer Ben-Shachar
  • Truck Slut (USA) California Premiere. Director: Ryan Craver
  • Umbra (Iran) Director: Saeed Jafarian
  • Unfolded (Italy/Lithuania) California Premiere. Director: Cristina Picchi
  • Upload to Story (Sweden) North American Premiere. Director: Emma Pål Brunzell
  • Vibes (USA) Director: Bane Fakih
  • Washland Express (USA) Director: Camille Campbell
  • Wasteland (Switzerland) North American Premiere. Director: Antoine Flahaut
  • Welcome to the Ball (USA) California Premiere. Director: Adam Vincent Wright
  • What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon (China) California Premiere. Director: Jian Luo
  • Whenever You're Ready (United Kingdom) Director: Craig Ainsley
  • Whiteout (USA) California Premiere. Director: Lance Edmands
  • Who's a Good Boy (USA) Director: Alex Phillips
  • Will "The Machine" (USA) Director: Kent Lamm
  • Yirga (USA) California Premiere. Director: B.B. Araya
  • You Are the Captain (USA) California Premiere. Director: Dan Samiljan
  • Youth (Egypt/United States) California Premiere. Director: Farida Zahran
  • Yulia & Juliet (Netherlands) Director: Zara Dwinger   

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