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In this politically incorrect caper comedy, the destiny of two small-time enforcers for a Jerusalem mob protection racket changes when they survive a suicide bombing and set to fulfilling the wishes of those who leave notes at the Wailing Wall. Read More

Running Time: 100


One of the most inspiring freedom fighters our country has produced, Wilma Mankiller rose up from an impoverished Oklahoma childhood to become Chief of the Cherokee Nation (the first woman to hold that title). This soft-spoken, iron-willed woman’s remarkable story, comes to vivid life in this eye-opening documentary. Read More

Running Time: 73

Mr. Fish: Cartooning from the Deep End

Exploring the tumultuous career of controversial political cartoonist Mr. Fish, this incisive documentary reveals the complex man behind the incendiary images, and finds him wrestling with whether to compromise his subversive, challenging style in favor of mainstream acceptance. Read More

Running Time: 70

The Party

The newly elected Minister of Health, played by Kristen Scott Thomas, finds her champagne-popping celebration tumbling quickly into catastrophe after`her husband makes a bombshell announcement. Sally Potter’s savagely witty screenplay gleefully skewers the pretensions of her upscale characters. Read More

Running Time: 71

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World

Fast-paced and fascinating, vibrating with the energy of a power chord strummed on a Gibson SG, Rumble fills in a piece of the history of 20th-century popular music that few people knew was missing: the Native American influence on rock ’n’ roll, blues and R&B.Winner: Special Jury Award, Sundance. Read More

Running Time: 102

Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me

Equal parts heart wrenching and exhilarating, this revelatory documentary follows one of show business’ greatest entertainers from a three-year-old tap dancing phenom through his time with the Rat Pack, facing opposition from both sides of the civil rights debate on his quest for his own American dream. Read More

Running Time: 100

Skid Row Marathon

Judge Craig Mitchell believes in second chances. This inspiring documentary tracks the running club Mitchell founded for the homeless on L.A.’s Skid Row, hoping that through the discipline of running, these men and women who had lost everything, could reclaim a sense of dignity. Read More

Running Time: 85


A new type of sports hero is born when a high school teacher trains and recruits streakers for illegal sports betting. This warm-hearted, fast-paced romp offers excellent scripting and direction and, er, revealing performances from a seasoned cast. Read More

Running Time: 93


Hailed by The Boston Globe as “inspiring, heartbreaking and often hilarious,” Stumped traces the journey of Will Lautzenheiser, who, after a bacterial infection required amputation of both his arms and legs, becomes a stand-up comic and a candidate for a pioneering double-arm transplant. Read More

Running Time: 72

A Taxi Driver

A massive box office success in South Korea, A Taxi Driver brings surprising humor and heart to the true story of a Korean driver who helped a German journalist to document a dark chapter of Korean history, the Gwangju Uprising of 1980. Read More

Running Time: 137

This is Congo

Both a gripping account of the current state of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and lesson in the country’s history, photojournalist-turned-director Daniel McCabe’s documentary combines unfiltered footage of conflict with the day-to-day activities of regular Congolese people surviving in an unforgiving and perpetual... Read More

Running Time: 93

Tom of Finland

This rousing biopic traces the transformation of shy Helsinki ad-man Touko Laaksonen into an international gay celebrity, whose proudly homoerotic drawings shaped the fantasies of a generation of gay men. Read More

Running Time: 114

The Wound

Lonely workman Xolani is assigned to guide initiate Kwanda through a Xhosa rite of passage, but Xolani’s relationship with another male guide and Kwanda’s own defiant identity are at odds with their masculine culture. This expertly crafted debut explores the ramifications the circumcision ceremony has on a group of boys and the... Read More

Running Time: 88

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