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A fast-paced group of films with young protagonists from New Zealand to Norway trying to make sense of the world and their peers, urban acrobats exploding with energy in Austria, and Indian kite flyers leaping across rooftops. Perfect for teenagers, or anyone who ever was one.

Short Films

Camping with Ada

Staying with her aunt at a Norwegian campground, Romanian Ada wishes for a carefree teenager summer, but she’s trapped by expectations and the family business.

Famous In Ahmedabad

Zaid loves flying kites, but his obsession is taking over his life as he starts skipping school and sneaking into places he shouldn't be. Adults around him worry, but is he all that different from them?

The Geneva Convention

A bus-stop brawl is brewing, and chocolate croissants may be the key to a peace treaty.

Mr. Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein’s performance of Rhapsody in Blue at a Displaced Person’s Camp after the war helped Schaja, a Polish Jewish baker, transition from despair to hope. Many years later, at the news that Mr. Bernstein is coming to New Zealand, Schaja’s daughter tracks down the conductor, with unexpected consequences.


A signature on a school note is just an excuse to visit her absent father at work, but things don’t go quite as little Semele plans in this naturalistic, moving, family drama.


Parkour, an urban, kinetic art form, blends with slam poetry for a uniquely graceful, breathtaking glimpse into the experience of youth in Vienna.

2016 ShortFest Archive