• WHAT. THE. F**K.

Warning: this program is deliciously weird and risqué. Like “I can’t believe I just saw this” weird or "I might need to sit alone for a bit” weird. Also, if you don’t want to make eye contact with people afterward, we won’t blame you. Needless to say, some may be offended by some of the content. You're welcome.

Short Films

Disco Inferno

A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss. But the Devil is not willing to return to her daily routine...

Don’t Tell Mom

An animated Japanese sex-education film about the secret joys of bike riding. No kidding.

The Egg

When her husband goes away on business, an expectant mother’s life is upturned when her little bundle of joy arrives early. Is it all in her mind or is there something more sinister at play?

The Frozen Eye

Bernard is an average man who is moving into his new apartment. While settling in, he suddenly discovers there’s a hole in his floor, enabling him to spy on his neighbor...


A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget... Gwilliam.

The Procedure

This one is better seen than described. A man is captured and forced to endure a (very) strange experiment.

Stick To Your Gun

A seriously twisted variation on a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with a side of bondage. A wild blend of live action and animation.

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