• The Things We Do For Love

  • The Things We Do For Love

There are few things we wouldn’t do for the ones we love. This collection of films shows the lengths some of us are willing to go to for love—from the sweet and silly to the troubling.

Short Films

Before Midnight Cowboy

When the thought of a loving companion by your side seems impossible, don't worry, there's an app for that.

Breaking up with Jenny

On his wedding day, Gus tries to say goodbye to Jenny, his companion throughout his single life.

Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness

A divorced father has his daughter for the weekend. He's prepared to show her a great time when her monthly visitor arrives and dad has to do what a dad has to do.

Oh My Father

An elderly man with dementia is cared for by his daughter at home, where the two are joined by the rhythm of daily life and shared and forgotten memory.

o negative

A sick young woman and the man who takes care of her find shelter in a roadside motel and take the necessary steps to feed her addiction.

The Threshold

With a crush on a neighborhood boy and a yen to act as a woman in the school play, a young boy is torn between his burgeoning desire and the confines of a strict patriarchal society.

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