• The Life Cycle

Birth, youth, adulthood, the end, it’s all here in this memorable selection of films about the journey of life from all around the world.

Short Films

El Tiempo Pasa

An aging and once prominent film actor spends the last days of his life in a rundown retirement home. A surprise visit from his son unravels a series of events that will change their perspective on life, death and family.


Nine-year-old Jacob falls suddenly for Mai-Lin when she moves in next door. Looking for romantic insight from his parents helps, but he soon learns matters of the heart are not so easy.

In Deep Waters

A contemplative, animated exploration of the phenomenon that occurs when one twin dies in the womb, leaving the surviving twin with a sense of grief that may last a lifetime.

Mast Qalandar

A teenage boy wants nothing more for his birthday than a new haircut—unfortunately, he can’t get his hands on a pair of scissors. A funny, poignant coming of age story about cultural origins and identity.

Phil's Camino

When a Stage 4 cancer patient is told he cannot accomplish his bucket-list goal to walk the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain, he decides to create his own camino in his backyard.

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