• Sundrenched

A collection of sizzling shorts perfect to beat the heat on any June Palm Springs day. From a springtime celebration in India to taking in some fireworks on the Fourth of July, these films will leave you reaching for water.

Short Films


A meditation by acclaimed filmmaker Sebastian Silva who lives a childhood fantasy of swimming with dolphins, but wonders if it is morally wrong to enjoy such a questionable practice.

The Girl From the Bunker

In a golf course community where you can telephone your deceased loved ones, young Javier falls for a seductive sunbather.

Grand Finale

Two young men take in the fireworks at the end of Fourth of July celebrations in Detroit.


A hallucinatory journey in 16mm through the eruption of color, violence, sound and joy, that heralds the beginning of spring in Uttar Pradesh.


Summer plans go awry when Pelle breaks his arm—though he wasn’t the most socially active kid anyway. But a sweet girl with a big book gets Pelle thinking.

Swimming In Your Skin Again

A musical film about the spiritual anchorages of life in and around Miami, saturated with the heat, spirit and landscape of southern Florida.

Ten Meter Tower

A study in human will and self-preservation, this entertaining and captivating doc places people atop a diving-board, 10 meters above a pool. Will people take the plunge? Would you?

2016 ShortFest Archive