• Star Power

  • Star Power

A-list talent is featured in this group of shorts.

Short Films

Black Swell

Richard Kind plays a man about to kill himself in a motel room when his neighbor rudely interrupts.


Oscar Isaac stars in this offbeat dark comedy about Basil Stitt, the victim of an inexplicable and bizarre accident. When he decides not to leave his apartment, the stage is set for a transformation. Also featuring a voice cameo from Kristen Wiig.

Mildred and The Dying Parlor

Poor Mildred’s chances of meeting a man are slim—her parents run a “dying parlor,” and it’s not exactly sexy. But one day, an unexpected client comes to call. Steve Buscemi, Zosia Mamet (Girls) and Jane Krakowski (30 Rock, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) all star.

Photo Op

A lonely photographer becomes enraptured with a handsome stranger whom he secretly photographs, leading to an unexpected twist of expectations. Featuring Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk)


Jennifer Hudson stars as backup singer to her philandering, tyrannical husband (Tyrese Gibson) whose shame infuses his music with passion. Produced by Denzel Washington.

A Walk In Winter

Conrad returns to his hometown in the middle of winter to find out whether the ruined corpse discovered nearby is his long-disappeared mother. An unsettling realization awaits. Starring James Franco, Abigail Spencer and Jack Kehler.

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