• Shorties Rule!

  • Shorties Rule!

  • Shorties Rule!

This family-friendly program features animated and live-action stories of children from all across our world and into the realm of the imagination, from a Moroccan rooftop to a high school cafeteria to the other side of the looking glass. Aimed at children 10 and up. Some films are subtitled.

Short Films


Copi wants to teach his son, Paste, the right way in life, but at what cost?

Aya Goes to the Beach

Ten-year-old Aya, a domestic helper, yearns to go home for a celebration by the sea. When she isn't allowed to go, she seeks a way to make her dream come true with the help of her older neighbor.


We’ve all been there—struggling to tell your crush that you like them but not knowing when, or how, they’ll react.

Catch It

A group of meerkats takes care of their beloved and unique fruit but a vulture disturbs their peace of mind.

Daisy Chain

A little girl named Buttercup Bree falls victim to a gang of shadowy bullies... until she discovers that her love of daisy chains unlocks a power that will bring life to the darkness of the playground.

Mdudu Boy

A small Kenyan boy with big ambitions gets a lucky break in this energetic and enormously charming film.


Moom has a special job: releasing the previous owners’ memories from forgotten objects. One day Moom meets an especially special memory.

Taking Flight

This animated fantasy about a young boy and his grandfather reminds us of the importance and power imagination can have, if only we’d remember to put down our phones and make time to connect.


Violet’s greatest enemy is the “unforgiving rectangle that hung on the wall,” reminding the young girl of her supposed plainness and imperfections. Tired of the attacks, her reflection fights back.

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