• Salt in the Air

From sandy beaches to rugged coastlines, these waterlogged tales follow those who live their lives by the sea, exposed to the elements and dreaming of distant shores.

Short Films


A shipwrecked fisherman is led to a dark, underwater secret in this award-winning animated thriller.

Islander's Rest

In gorgeous charcoal animation, a young boy takes part in a mysterious ritual on a windswept island in this bittersweet portrait of childhood.


This visually mesmerizing documentary showcases a subculture of skateboarders who make the frozen seashore their own personal playground.


An elderly fisherman has immersed himself in his memories since his wife’s death. A touching look at loss and tradition centered around a graceful performance.

Sea Child

Sora is woken from a nightmare and decides to follow a group of men into the big city in the hope of finding her mom. Beautiful, haunting, hand-painted animation.

Victor XX

Victor is unsure if he is really a boy or a girl, so he plays with both identities, but the other people in his life are not as open-minded. A wonderful central performance anchors this thoughtful exploration of gender identity.

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