• Radicals & Reactionaries

Bold stories about people who refuse to go along with the status quo and stand up for the things they believe.

Short Films

Batrachian's Ballad

Merging fable, cinema and performance, this Golden Bear-winner confronts a history of exclusion and xenophobia that has developed into a mundane reality.

Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton

An acerbic and psychedelic reflection on the War on Terror and its cultural byproducts, Guy Maddin’s latest blast of Canadiana provides an uproarious critique of how our films have chosen to represent this abiding conflict.

The Culprit

When a young man is accused of a crime, his prideful confession resonates in the face of injustice.


A woman tries to save her younger sister from the fate of a “one-day bride,” using an archaic and dangerous remedy claimed to restore a girl’s virginity.

The Provider

In 2013, Texas passed a law that effectively shut down two thirds of its abortion clinics. In an increasingly toxic and dangerous environment, Dr. Shannon Carr travels weekly from New Mexico to Texas to perform abortions there.

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