• Public Spaces, Private Lives

The city looms large in these stories, where the inhabitants must navigate an urban landscape that acts as a protagonist in its own right.

Short Films

The Above

Since 2009, a US military surveillance balloon has been floating high above Kabul, Afghanistan. Its purpose and capabilities are classified.


Even with the best of intentions, the prejudices that surround you can get the upper hand.


A father arrives in Shanghai to reunite with his runaway daughter. Set against a lonely urban landscape, Xiaolu Hu’s film is a beautiful and intimate examination of a broken relationship.


A man’s phone rings as he leaves his house. On answering it, his house explodes. He continues his journey to work as if nothing happened. A wild, animated journey fusing multiple techniques and visual styles.

Woman Outside

Every day, in downtown Los Angeles, a mentally ill homeless woman berates the professionals going to work, but something changes when she sees one of them in pain.

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