• Programmers’ Picks

  • Programmers’ Picks

The programmer's plight to pick and place with precision produces pressure for a profound payoff, but perhaps patterns are poppycock. In other words, folks, these are films the staff loved but couldn't find a place for.  Enjoy.

Short Films

Boniek and Platini

A beautifully executed and delightful tale of adult bullies lording it over two boys whose passion for soccer puts them in harm’s way.

Law of Lamb

While driving along a road in the Tunisian desert in an old battered van on their way to market to sell their sheep, an old man and his grandson are stopped by two policemen. In order to be allowed to proceed, they have to accept a strange and unusual deal, the terms of which are in flux.

Ears, Nose and Throat

During an ear, nose and throat examination, Shadeena Brooks delivers her testimony on the tragic event she witnessed on March 9, 2010.


Moriom, a beautiful but strange young woman, says her parents must be punished for holding her prisoner and torturing her. They have a different story.

The Party

Belfast, 1972. In the midst of The Troubles, a group of young friends gathers to celebrate a clandestine visit from man-on-the-run Mickey.

Supporting Film

From the perspectives of a dozen diverse viewers, this 12-minute documentary explores the peculiar ritual of watching film. A story about moving images and, most important, their audiences.

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