• Power & Solitude

Loneliness and death are the connecting thread that weave through these disparate and moving films, at times challenging the balance of power and at others evoking compassion in the characters either on screen or before it.

Short Films

Another City

The lives of a group of lonely people converge in this unique approach to filmmaking in which the laws of time and space appear to be upended.


The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs. And the young boy will lead them.

Juan’s Sundown

Called upon to clean up his boss' horrific mess, young farm-worker Juan must risk everything to do what’s right.


September 10, 1977. 4:30 a.m. Prisoner Djandoubi is removed from his cell and led to execution. He only has 15 more minutes to live. Just enough time to smoke two cigarettes. Not three.

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