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Films about the stories and fantasies that define our lives and always mean more than they seem.

Short Films


In a remote Romanian village, all of the villagers have been fraudulently claiming disability benefits. Panic breaks out when they find they will be investigated by a government agency. A charming, irreverent farce.

I Was a Winner

This utterly compelling documentary about gaming addiction is made all the more powerful by the subjects being portrayed by their avatars as they explain the journey of their addiction.


A young woman follows a trail of colored thread that leads into a dark forest, leading to terrible discoveries and a life-changing choice.

The Last Jaguar

Alone, and escaping hunters, a jaguar finds an orphan cub.

[Out of Fra]me

Paul, who since childhood has always existed just out of frame, joins a support group for people afflicted by cinematic maladies. There he meets a girl who might be the solution to his problem.

The Sea is Blue

Why is the ocean blue?

Talgar the Hunter

This beautifully shot, gentle fable follows Talgar as he journeys through Kyrgyzstan, trying to heal his closest companion, Tumara the Golden Eagle, who seems to have lost her hunting instincts.

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