• Outsiders & Underdogs

You’ll be rooting for this collection of films about extraordinary outcasts.

Short Films

Blown Air

As they straddle the boundary between childhood and adult life, Santiago, Antonia and Miguel are thrust into the horrors of drug trafficking.

Life at a Snail's Pace

Using her advanced education, lifetime of fascination and dollhouse dioramas with tiny costumes, Marla Coppolino is on a mission to change how you think of land snails.

Light of Day

After befriending a young, sexy electrician, Luisa is inspired to leave her job of 15 years in an underground parking lot in pursuit of something more.


Who do people see when they see me? Who am I behind this smile? Beautiful and different, Ninnoc struggles with fitting in while refusing to be “normal.”


Tamar is 11 years old, overweight and bullied at school--and that’s the least of her worries. A sensitive and darkly funny portrayal of an adolescent in crisis who develops a unique coping mechanism.

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