• On the Road

Stories that take us places, what we experience in transit opens up new perspectives and can lead to unexpected destinations.

Short Films

The Bus Trip

Sarah is invited to Israel as part of a film festival, but her desire to talk politics isolates her, leaving her to talk with her dead father over a noisy phone line.


When a couple from out of town stops at her gas station, Midge's world is plunged into chaos.


The story of a family, told through the point of view of their wheelbarrow. Unconventional storytelling at its best.


Seven-year-old Chandra is on a wondrous adventure to visit his mother and newborn sibling, but for his grandfather, navigating earthquake-ruined Kathmandu, it is a very different journey.

Le Barrage

A divorced father and his son's weekend trip to the largest dam in Europe surfaces cracks in the relationship when the anger from the divorce gets in the way.

Millions of tears

Two lost souls become uneasy, temporary travel companions in this moving film that subtly blurs the line between reality and a wished-for alternative.


A cyclist with addiction problems endures a madcap race in this inventive and surreal take on doping in sports.

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