• Odd Couples

  • Odd Couples

Sometimes the best stories come in the strangest packages.  This program showcases the beauty that can result from unexpected couplings.

Short Films

Beneath the Spaceship

This portrayal of an unconventional friendship between a young girl and her older neighbor offers a sensitive exploration of perceptions and boundaries.

The Carer

When Ari moves into a care home, he is assigned rough, tough, and straight, Beau as his caregiver. Their unlikely bond has a profound change on both of them.


Mr. Ma has quietly sat at his desk outside a busy office for months, never stepping out of turn, until one day he is visited by an odd and very tiny friend, forcing him to break from the monotony no matter the cost.


A rule-bound, bureaucratic “pea-counter” is confronted by a mysterious shipwrecked hobo who’s lost everything, including his identifying paperwork, in a freak wave on the sea.

The Monster

He’s a gentleman and a total sweetheart who also happens to be an iconic 20th-century monster trying to find love and make it in the biz. Do nice guys always have to finish last?


In this entertaining dramedy, Kate and Leigh's dwindling sex life forces them to evaluate their relationship, and confront how intertwined their lives have become.

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