• Male Ga(y)ze

  • Male Ga(y)ze

This Gay!La presentation explores the many definitions, struggles and pleasures of what it means to be a gay man.  From stories of friendship to companionship, acceptance to guilt, discovery to saying good-bye, and even a little country music, this cross-section serves as a reminder that a rainbow is not a flag but a diverse spectrum.

Short Films

Alzheimer's: A Love Story

In one of the most visceral documentations of unconditional love, the film follows Michael as he visits the love of his life, Greg, in a care facility where he battles Alzheimer's.


When two friends, formerly boyfriends, share a scary moment together, they create a beautiful depiction of how relationships evolve.

Crazy House

After the suicide of his best friend, a teenage boy is forced to deal with his guilt and sexuality.


A naturalistic story about a young boy and his older brother. Both are on journeys of self-discovery and revelation.

Reluctantly Queer

A young gay man from Ghana struggles to reconcile his love for his mother with his sexuality through a series of letters in this deceptively simple yet powerful piece.

The Society

In Iraq, tradition and religion rule. For Muhamad and Ahmed, this means their secret relationship will only survive until one is forced into marriage and fatherhood.

These C*cksucking Tears

Pat Haggerty should have been the poster boy for gay country music. But deservedly or not, his personal integrity and his father’s advice can still be an inspiration for all of us.


A beautifully experimental, erotic-light visual poem shared between men of different races.

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