• Laugh & Hide

Comedies, action and a touch of the macabre come together in this raucous and offbeat collection.

Short Films


Stuck in an old-age home, Gerda’s week revolves around Bingo. When the last winning number is finally in her sights, she will let NOTHING stand in her way.

How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps

Getting dumped is a great diet.

The Job

Eli might have occasional doubts about his job but he’ll stop at nothing to do it right, even if it means physically fighting off wards of assailants left and right. You want a job done right? Call Eli.

Last Call Lenny

A used-furniture salesman helps a suicidal jazz radio DJ end his life in the most complicated way possible.


A superb Escher-esque thriller featuring a driver in the wilderness seeking help after an accident. A mansion in the distance looks promising... at first.


A sloppy male student is shocked to learn he’s pregnant.

Roast Battle

Director Jason Reitman returns to the short film form to observe a wild evening at the Comedy Store’s Roast Battle, where no holds are barred. Like, none... (very explicit language)

Walk It Out

Soul Cycle, Hot Yoga, Bar Method—all were the fitness craze du jour at one point. But nothing compares to Walk It Out.

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