• Girls on Top

  • Girls on Top

This Gay!La collection of shorts from the lesbian persuasion offers up thigh-slapping laughs, ugly-cry tears, and of course some beautiful ladies. Journey with us through awkward dates, forbidden trysts, crushing grief and maybe a little costume role play.

Short Films

The Cricket and the Ant

In the most forbidden of affairs, secrecy and intense passion encase these lovers in a tornado of emotion.


A sexually inexperienced and lonely young woman downloads a dating app on her birthday and seeks out an encounter with another woman.

Heads or Tails

Lilly convinces her best friend René to join her on a nocturnal trespassing adventure. A truly different and delightful foray into the animal kingdom.


On a quest to understand her grandmother's past, Claudia meets Marlene, an old woman who's created an homage to her memories inside an empty pool.


Tensions rise when a woman and her wife ask her brother to be the sperm donor of their baby... or the uncle... or...the spunkle?!


When her girlfriend Mac dies, Hope must overcome both her own grief and Mac’s disapproving family to ensure that Mac’s final resting place truly suits her.

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