• G’day!

  • G’day!

Australia has long had a great track record as fertile ground for new talent. This selection runs the gamut from coming-of-age stories through psychological thrillers to black comedies—all the way from the Land Down Under.

Short Films

The Audition

A casual breakfast conversation becomes something sinister when one roommate asks for help running lines for an upcoming audition.

Kill Your Dinner

An already strained father-son relationship is put to the test during an extremely misjudged bonding exercise.


The psychological effects of extreme isolation are explored in this mysterious thriller starring an almost unrecognizable Guy Pearce traveling through the Outback on an existential mission.

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling

Connor has summoned the courage to declare his love for his best friend Rach, but gravity isn't making it easy.


A bunch of successful yuppies decides to let loose for one night. When their drug dealer overstays his welcome, things start to unravel. A dark comedy about the dangers of trying to relive your youth.

The Spa

When a new spa turns up at his door, retiree Don claims he no longer wants it. But the delivery men soon realize there is more to the story, and set about trying to find out the truth.

The Trophy Thief

With his home life in turmoil, young Ben thinks winning his team’s MVP trophy will fix everything. When he’s passed over for another kid, he takes things into his own hands.

We're Here Now

Two sisters, a public toilet, and a pregnancy test.

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