• Forbidden Fruit

  • Forbidden Fruit

Diving into taboo territory, this collection of films explores desire, sensuality and the complex and contradictory feelings that emerge from them. Warning: many films in this program are sexually explicit.

Short Films

The Carpenter

Chow has been hired to renovate the wealthy Ms. Lee’s apartment. As the latter’s relationship with her boyfriend deteriorates, Chow is caught between his feelings and the limitations of his rank.

The Copyist

Even machines have eyes in this sexy, seductive and highly inventive short that proves the office doesn’t always have to be boring.

Lick us, Meow, Meow!

In this unusual tale of liberation and self-determination, Jeanette agitates for sexual freedom and exploration for herself and the other residents of an oppressive institutional home. 


Mushkie doesn’t tell anyone that she’s having sex with her boyfriend. Sometimes, this leads to unfortunate decisions...

Rate Me

A bold and uncomfortably compelling look at the life of a teen sex worker rated by a series of her Johns.

Green Romances

A lovely, languid look into the heart of a young girl with an unrequited crush that dominates her every thought, despite the distraction of friendship and the marching band she performs in.

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