• Film Noir

Whether it's a femme fatale on the rampage, a burglary with a twist or a car hijacking, these six films take their cues from the visually iconic, morally ambiguous language of film noir.

Short Films

A Coat Made Dark

This noir tale follows the bizarre relationship between a dog, his submissive human and a very mysterious coat.

In Pursuit

A young couple have driven cross-country to start a new life, but the moment they arrive, their car is commandeered in a police chase. A true tale of urban horror with echoes of After Hours and Adventures in Babysitting.


A femme fatale casually takes the wheel in this nocturnal tale of vengeance wrought on the men who have wronged her--without a whiff of remorse.

The Swelling

In the future, surveillance is omnipresent. A man named "X-33" faces off with a peculiar, pulsating bulge-like object in the wall, escalating beyond prediction. And you thought the NSA was bad.

Where Have the Flowers Gone?

Your favorite classic movies of the silent era, Metropolis and Modern Times, retold through a lovable porcine protagonist.

A Wolf's Mind

This film is a mindful depiction of famed filmmaker Fritz Lang as he is propositioned by a Nazi leader to create propaganda for the Third Reich in 1933.

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