• Emotional Rollercoaster

Love, loss, anxiety, longing... life is rich with emotions. Join us on for a moving ride through the mind’s extremes.

Short Films

How Was Your Day?

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child...A powerful film about learning to live with trauma.

I’m Sorry To Tell You

Delivering bad news is never easy.

Join the Club

A hilarious exploration of insecurity and artistic and social hang-ups revealed through one woman’s therapy session.

Opt Out

Admit it. We’ve all had the impulse to scream at our computers. This is just another day at the office... only this time the computer’s got a mind of its own.

Panic Attack!

When “you are going to be late” quickly becomes “what if I give birth to Satan’s baby?”


A pastor struggles with the day-to-day life of his congregation, family and his own pain when he suffers an unimaginable loss.

Summer of Sarah

Sixteen-year-old Sarah,who sells donuts on the beach with her father, alternates among pride, fear, passion and anger. An encounter with a new boy makes her pine for another life.


One difficult night stands between a teenage couple and the rest of their lives.

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