• Crossroads

  • Crossroads

The youths in this program stand at a juncture, confronted with lives ahead that will be anything but easy in a world that has forced them to fend for themselves.

Short Films

Babor Casanova

Between singing in the stands at soccer matches and parking cars on the streets of Algiers, friends Adlan and Terrorist dream of a way out of a country that has nothing to offer them.

Frankenstein’s Bride

Ivana inhabits a world of fiction and lies while working for a real estate agency that caters to foreigners. A playful film about young urban-dwellers in Buenos Aires and how the market and globalization impact their lives.


Unable to communicate with his disconsolate mother after a major loss, teenage Ulises sets out on a personal pilgrimage. Shot on Super 16mm, this is a vivid and colorful portrait of adolescence and the pains of growing up.


In the outer suburbs of Melbourne, a young man searches for an automotive apprenticeship. Skillful camera work draws us into his world.

Never Steady, Never Still

This impressive directorial debut finds a troubled young man returning home to reconnect with his delicate but determined mother and his best friend, whose new life is as daunting as it is intriguing.

The Send-Off

The graduating class of Pahokee, Fla. receives a rousing farewell from the inhabitants of their small town in this hopeful and intimate coming-of-age story.

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