• C’est si bon!

Many different faces with one common language. Five stories of identity, agency and the fluid definitions of family and nationality.

Short Films


Teenage Seyna faces unexpected obstacles on her mission to become a French citizen, from the disapproval of her Cameroonian father to the limitations of the camera lens.

The Guy from Work

Family man Raynald works at the tire plant, plays hockey with the guys and otherwise leads a pretty typical existence. He is about to take one of biggest chances of his life.


After escaping from a psychiatric hospital, Manu quickly reverts to his old patterns built around his passion for graffiti. When his brother threatens to send him back, Manu makes other plans.


Set in the Parisian suburbs, Maman(s) follows an eight-year-old girl’s view of her family’s attempt to integrate a new mother and child, brought home from Africa by her father–much to her mother’s chagrin.

Opération Commando

The bond between two young, inseparable brothers is put to the test when they’re chosen for different teams at summer camp.

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