• Best of the Fest 5

  • Best of the Fest 5

  • Best of the Fest 5

  • Best of the Fest 5

6PM selection of Audience Favorites & Jury Award Winners:

Short Films

Minh Tâm

Struggling to raise an autistic son while under the thumb of her domineering, traditional mother, Minh Tâm finds little relief in her life until one day she meets Olivier.


A playfully philosophical rumination on losing a glove in space that highlights just how connected we all really are.

These C*cksucking Tears

Pat Haggerty should have been the poster boy for gay country music. But deservedly or not, his personal integrity and his father’s advice can still be an inspiration for all of us.


Fearful she has been killed by poachers, a zoologist searches desperately for a missing tiger in the jungle in a quest that becomes more and more personal.

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