• A World Imagined

  • A World Imagined

From science fiction to the fantastic, this eclectic mix of inventive films boasts arresting visions of imagined worlds, from dancing dolls to floating gloves to giant worms.

Short Films


When Ernie's suicide attempt rips a hole in the ceiling, he begins to form a friendship with the young boy who lives in the apartment above.


A playfully philosophical rumination on losing a glove in space that highlights just how connected we all really are.


An articulated armature dancer is at the mercy of forces larger than herself in this imaginative animation.


One morning, Maggie's young daughter notices something strange over her mother's head: stars for a Yelp-like rating. And it's only a 2.5.

They Will All Die In Space

Filmed in beautiful black and white, this space exploration futuristic thriller is set aboard a drifting starship. When Alex is woken from cryogenic sleep, something doesn’t feel right.

Uncanny Valley

In the slums of the future, VR junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment.

What A Beautiful World This Will Be

In the brutal Brooklyn winter, a nameless man ventures across the city to find a missing friend.

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