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The Best of St Kilda program showcases some of the top films by emerging Aussie filmmakers and has been specially curated by St Kilda programmers. Enjoy!

Short Films


A bunch of successful yuppies decides to let loose for one night. When their drug dealer overstays his welcome, things start to unravel. A dark comedy about the dangers of trying to relive your youth.

Hope City

Majak, a teenager from South Sudan, is haunted by his dark past and torn between his new life.

The Autumn

An autumn leaf dances in the air. He is looking for the right place to settle but the wind keeps carrying him away...


A glimpse into the lives of two ordinary Australians reveals what it takes to succeed in the world of online competitions.

The Spa

When a new spa turns up at his door, retiree Don claims he no longer wants it. But the delivery men soon realize there is more to the story, and set about trying to find out the truth.

Goodnight Sweetheart

When Barb embarks on a drastic course of action she must confront her feelings for an old friend. A tender, twisting and darkly comic glance at old age, love and death.

Making Maude

Meet the Queen of Polystyrene, Michael Gates and his alter ego, Maude Boate, whose wigs were adapted for the movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


No one likes working late on a Friday night! Especially if it’s a full moon and you happen to be a werewolf.

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