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    Wild Skin

    Directed by Ariane Louis-Seize
    Canada | 19 minutes | Animal Instincts

The quiet life of a solitary young woman is disturbed when she discovers a baby python in her apartment, but it lets her express who she truly is.


Animal Instincts

Cats, dogs, early man and everything in between! This eclectic lineup explores our complex relationships with the animal kingdom.

film details

Country: Canada
Year: 2016
Running Time: 19 minutes
Language: No dialogue
Awards: Audience Award, Slash Fantastic Film Festival; Jury’s Mention, FICFA
Director: Ariane Louis-Seize
Producers: Jeanne-Marie Poulain, Hany Ouichou
Principal Cast: Marilyn Castonguay, Alexis Lefebvre
Cinematographers: Shawn Pavlin
Editor: Sophie Farkas-Bolla
Music: Peter Venne
Screenwriter: Ariane Louis-Seize
Website: https://www.facebook.com/La-Peau-Sauvage-Wild-Skin-272563596447959/?fref=ts

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