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    Panel: The Real Deal About Virtual Reality

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The future is already here. As virtual reality comes into its own as a new frontier for exploring emotion, narrative and character in thrilling new ways, hear from these experts on the latest trends, tech and storytelling applications in VR, and find out how you can get involved in this unique platform for short films.


Ian Forester | VRPlayhouse | Chief Creative Officer
Ian is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of VR Playhouse. He unites his extensive backgrounds in digital entertainment and immersive live storytelling to forge innovative paths for the future of virtual reality. After taking his first Oculus Rift spin in 2014, he quickly jumped into the burgeoning VR space. At VR Playhouse, he has led the creative vision on uniquely immersive experiences spanning 360 video, pre-rendered VR, interactive VR and all fusions in between. He recently led a pioneering interactive browser-based 360 video experience for Boost Mobile that allows viewers to engage in hotspot content with the experience, paving the way for the future of VR with media-rich "call to action" features.

James Kaelen | Wevr | Director of Development and Aquisitions
James Kaelan is a filmmaker, VR simmaker, and producer whose films and simulations have screened at festivals around the world-including Sundance, Slamdance, SFIFF, Tribeca, and AFI FEST. He currently serves as the Director of Development & Acquisitions at Wevr, and is a co-founder of the crowdfunding and distribution platform, Seed&Spark. He is the former editor of both BRIGHT IDEAS and MovieMaker Magazine.

Sasha Samochina | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Multimedia Specialist
Sasha Samochina (sam-ocean-uh) is a Multimedia Specialist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She joined the media relations team at JPL in 2015. After dreaming up words, GIFs and short videos for @NASAJPL and @MarsCuriosity, as well as other JPL social media channels, she was inspired to explore the world of 360 video and VR. Sasha edited and produced the first 360 video release on social media for NASA. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in film, video and new media. She's originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. She loves all things digital, animal, sound-emitting, cosmic and views the world through VR-colored glasses.

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Rich DeMuro | KTLA-TV | Tech Reporter
Rich DeMuro is the tech reporter for KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles and appears on the #1 rated KTLA Morning News. Viewers around the nation know him as "Rich on Tech"

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